weedandmoneybitch asked: This the real drake I fuck with some of your music get the bitches to shut the fuck up hoe real nigga talking turn em on to


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Anonymous asked: Post gifs of Aubrey making out in Degrassi

I’ll try and post it by Thursday

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@Drake: Dropped my phone in a glass of wine…just to give you an idea of where my life is at these days.

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trying to act cool in front of your crush like

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Anonymous asked: Ok, I'm in love. I've never met him, but I am. For most of my life, I've been surrounded by emotionally detached males, so to come across a man who is in touch with his emotional self is a breath of fresh air for me. Plus, he's fine, sweet, intelligent, wise,and funny. I'd love to meet him and even be with him. On the Rihanna thing: If it's true, she's gonna hurt him again. He's just a boy toy to her, someone to call when she's bored and he deserves better. Am I crazy to feel this way??

aw thats so sweet I hope you get to meet him soon. No your not he deserves the best but he can’t let go of her 

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The power of social media is very strong. Social media paired with caring people is even stronger.

I’m sure by now most of you have seen the hashtag #DrakeForKen on both Twitter and Instagram. Kennedy Brown is a 15 year old from Houston, TX who is currently battling brain cancer. She is on hospice and her one wish was to meet Drake.

A few days ago her friends threw her a prom at school and she was even awarded an honorary degree. After all of this they still knew that meeting Drake was at the top of her list. Her family and friends began to spread the hashtag #DrakeForKen throughout social media and it quickly picked up as news stations and blogs began posting about the story. I had several people reach out to me through both social media and email and I was very touched. Apparently, so was Drake.

Yesterday it was announced that Drake was aware of Kennedy’s situation and he would be doing a video message for her. As a surprise to Kennedy, today he flew into Houston from LA for the sole purpose of meeting her. Drake personally visited Kennedy at her house and took to Instagram to post pictures from his time there. I think this speaks volumes about Drake’s character and showcases what an amazing individual he truly is. Major shout out to Kennedy for being such a beautiful, brave girl! Check the photos here.

@jheneaiko: this ninja @Drake just shouted me and @millimoto out as “the pretty girls in the front row”lmao….Oh, so you don’t remember July? Ahahaha 

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